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Between skyrocketing premiums, large deductibles and co-insurance payments, having health insurance today can be a real budget buster. After paying your healthcare premium, federal, state, and local taxes, paying down debts, etc., what do you have left? If you're like most Americans these days, the answer is: not much except a ton of stress on your family relationships.


That's all about to change...


Remarkably, in most states there are 100% approved alternative Healthcare Insurance Plans with real innovations. These plans provide comprehensive coverage at 30% to 50% less than traditional healthcare plans. And equally as important, you have the freedom to see any doctor, any hospital, anywhere. Combined with the savings you get from our Healthy Family Wellness Bundle, you can almost feel the stress melting away.


Click the "Get More Info" button below to see if we have a plan for your state, and we can share how you could immediately benefit from the following advantages:


• Premium cost savings

• Additional coverage and benefits

• Custom options that best meet your circumstances

• Including options that allow you to put some of your funds back in your pocket!


A few minutes with one of our agents could really impact your health and monthly budget. Click "Get More Info" below!





Access to our low cost, high quality healthcare insurance plans

are combined with our Healthy Family Wellness Bundle

At over 50% off regular subscription pricing!


Couplewise is an online program using the best counseling wisdom to grow, repair and strengthen your marriage or committed relationship. Learn what you need to be happy and satisfied. Covers the entire life-cycle, including conflict resolution, newlyweds, child rearing, divorce recovery, financial concerns, empty nesting, and much, much more.



Money Mastery - join over 100,000 people who have built wealth on ANY income by planning, reducing debt, and taxes. For over 20 years Money Mastery has guided families just like yours safely out of debt and into comfortable retirements. Money Mastery will teach you the skills you need to achieve mastery over your financial situation.


College Survival Kit - for over 30 years our College Survival Kit  has been providing families and students with pertinent, timely and practical college planning guidance, helping them prepare for college, maximize financial aid, SAT/ACT test prep, college search and career planning, and much more.



Face2Face Health - Children's Health and Wellness Resource at your fingertips. One trusted place to address all aspects of your child's developmental health and wellness and all your needs to support them can be addressed. Learning and sharing community and tele health-care platform accessible via web platform or mobile device.

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