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This wellness bundle comes with everything you need to navigate through the rough waters of being a family:


Keep your relationship healthy & vibrant, your finances in check, planning & paying for college, and all issues related to your child’s emotional, physical and developmental wellness!


Separately these programs sell for $75 per month! You get the entire bundle for $29.95/month – that’s a 60% discount!

Join over 100,000 people who have used Money Mastery to build wealth on ANY income.


What is your biggest money concern? Controlling spending? Eliminate debt? Secure  your retirement?  We all know money troubles put incredible strain on our marriage, our friendships, and our mental health.


For over 20 years Money Mastery has guided families just like yours safely out of debt and into comfortable retirements:


● Save’s the average family $300/month!

● Financial planning for real-life

● Get out of debt faster

● Plan for retirement, buying a home, or other big purchases

● Save for children's & grandkids' college

● Get proven tax reduction strategies


If you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, burdened by debt and have no plans for the future, then you need Money Mastery. Get your spending immediately under control, eliminate ALL debt in 9 years or less (including your mortgage), and double, even triple your retirement – and do all this with the money you’re already making! Using our risk-free system, top-notch planning tools, and one-on-one expert advice you can build wealth on ANY income.


All in one easy-to-use, step-by-step online program. Let’s get started NOW!



Researchers at Harvard University recently released findings from their 75-year study on physical and emotional well-being. Link to Harvard University Study.


The results couldn’t be clearer: the people with the deepest, most loving relationships with their spouse or partner; lived longer, healthier, happier lives. Period

The research is clear: healthy relationships extend your life, unhealthy ones shorten it. Start improving, healing and growing yours today.


● What if there was one solution to help you live longer and happier…

● Help you reduce stress and lead a healthier life…

● And improve all of your most important relationships…


CoupleWise is the world's first health & wellness app designed to grow, strengthen, and improve your marriage or committed relationship.


With CoupleWise, you will...


● Improve the quality of your intimate relationship

● Prevent your marriage or committed relationship from slipping away

● Increase your productivity at work, improve your home life, and lower your risk of health problems




Coming This Summer At No Additional Cost

1 in 5 kids in the U.S. have challenges. That’s 15+ million children not meeting their developmental potential.


Is one of your children among these? Are you one of these parents? Face2Face Health is here for you. Face2Face Health is the first holistic, coordinated digital care platform for children and caregivers. Click on the video for more information.



Face2Face is a  trusted place where you can learn about the top health and wellness concerns, get care from the best providers, and share in your journey with others, addressing all aspects of your child’s health and wellness needs.


With Face2Face Health, you get access to our unique research-based model:


Learn: 126 interactive, self-paced online courses covering the most frequent topics and issues parents search for information on, including health and wellness, child development, and education.


Share: Online communities for support and connection with other parents and caregivers. Course content made even more powerful with interactive, expert-led trainings, webinars, & online support communities.


Care: Virtual and concierge care from doctors and providers in general health; development; emotional health; mind, body & nutrition; and education and advocacy.


With Face2Face Health at your fingertips, you no longer have to struggle for information, guidance, and care.


Do you have a child in high school and feel the pressure of college looming in your future?


Which tests to take: PSATs, SATs, or ACT? Or all? How do we actually choose the right college... and what about a major? Is there a trick to getting accepted into the right college? How will you pay for it? How do you get maximum financial aid? And the questions go on and on...


Not any more.


Because with our College Survival Kit you get:


1. A live webinar hosted by Tom Chesmore, a Certified College Advisor. Tom is Managing Partner of Benefit Solutions. He’s been helping students and families navigate the higher education waters for over 30 years.


2. You will learn:


● Who gets the most money for college & why?

● How to turn the college acceptance process in your favor

● Provide information not readily available to the public


3. Get multiple tools, forms & overview of the best process to tackle the college hurdle.


4. IF this is not enough, all participants will get a 15% discount on the Benefit Solutions College Planning Program  where Tom & his staff will:


● Build up the student profile so colleges with LOVE them as a candidate

● Bring them through testing to determine the best Major & career path

● Review your financials and get the maximum financial aid

Complete all paperwork & follow up on the entire process, answering all questions


The Certified College Advisor designation is awarded to individuals who have completed extensive training that encompasses all aspects of the college planning process, including the most critical and time-sensitive steps.  The CCA accreditation ensures proven solutions entirely from the family's perspective. Get the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a three-decade old company that is knowledgeable about the overall college planning process. Get started today by clicking the button below.


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